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Gulfport, Mississippi
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Coordinates 30°22′38″N 089°07′26″W / 30.37722°N 89.12389°W / 30.37722; -89.12389
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In use 1942-Present

Naval Construction Battalion Center is a 1,100-acre (445-hectare) U.S. Navy industrial complex located in Gulfport, Mississippi.[1] It serves as home base for the Atlantic Fleet Seabees,[2] which are the Navy's construction battalions.


The mission of the Naval Construction Battalion Center (CBC) Gulfport is:

“To maintain and operate facilities and provide services and material in support of Naval Construction Force Units, to include Amphibious Construction Fleet Units, the Maritime Prepositioning Force (Enhanced), and other fleet and assigned organizational units deployed from or homeported at CBC Gulfport, and to perform such other functions and tasks as may be assigned by higher authority.”[3]


On June 2, 1942, an Advanced Base Depot was established in Gulfport and the first Seabees arrived.[4] Defense planning during the early years of World War II called for a deep-water port to serve the Caribbean region. Gulfport had the necessary port facility, as well as a semi-tropical climate for year-round training and shipping.

In 1944, the mission of the Center changed to a U.S. Naval Training Center for ratings in basic engineering, diesel engine, radio, quartermaster, and electrician. The Training Center was decommissioned in 1946 and the complex became a storage facility for stockpiling bauxite, tin, copper, sisal and abacá. In 1952, the Naval Storehouse was disestablished and the U.S. Naval Construction Battalion Center was created.[4]

In the mid-1960s, there was an increasing need for naval construction forces in Southeast Asia. To meet that need, the Naval Construction Battalion Center expanded in both military and civilian personnel and continued to serve as a training facility through the latter half of the 20th century. In the first decade of the 21st century, the Center was serving more than 4,000 active duty personnel and their families, plus approximately 1,000 Department of Defense civilian personnel.[5]

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