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Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement
Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement between the Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and the Ethnic Armed Organisations
Drafted 31 March 2015 (2015-03-31)
Signed 15 October 2015 (2015-10-15)
Location Naypyidaw, Myanmar
  •  Myanmar
  • Arakan Liberation Party
  • Chin National Front
  • DKBA-5
  • Karen National Union
  • KNU/KNLA Peace Council
  • Pa-O National Liberation Army
  • Restoration Council of Shan State
Depositary Government of Myanmar
Languages English, Burmese

The Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (Burmese language: တစ်နိုင်ငံလုံး ပစ်ခတ်တိုက်ခိုက်မှု ရပ်စဲရေး သဘောတူစာချုပ်; abbreviated NCA) was a landmark ceasefire agreement between the government of Myanmar and representatives of various ethnic insurgent groups, officially known as "ethnic armed organisations" (EAOs) by the government. The draft was agreed upon by a majority of the invited parties on 31 March 2015,[1] and the agreement was signed by then-president of Myanmar Thein Sein on 15 October 2015.[2] A ceremony is held by the government annually on the anniversary of the signing of the agreement.[3][4]

The government of Myanmar originally sent invitations to 15 different ethnic insurgent groups, inviting them to participate in long-term peace negotiations with them. However, seven of those invited declined or dropped out during negotiations due to perceived unfairness.[5]


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