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National Intelligence and Security Agency
Governmental overview
Formed January 2013 (2013-01)
Preceding Governmental
Type intelligence
Jurisdiction Federal Government of Somalia
Headquarters Mogadishu, Somalia

The National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) is the national intelligence agency of the Federal Republic of Somalia.


NISA was officially established in January 2013 by the new Somali Federal Government in place of the defunct National Security Service (NSS).[1][2] It is part of a broader effort by the federal authorities to re-establish state institutions.[2]

Headquarted in Mogadishu, NISA is mandated with firming up on security.[1] It is assisted in this capacity by AMISOM.[2] According to the former Minister of State for the Presidency Abdulkadir Moallin Noor, the CIA also provided training to NISA officials during the latter agency's formative stages.[3]

Among other deployments, NISA agents have conducted security operations against Al-Shabaab elements in the capital.[4]



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