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Nashville National Cemetery is a United States National Cemetery located in Madison, a suburb of Nashville, in Davidson County, Tennessee. Administered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, it encompasses 64.5 acres (26.1 ha), and as of the end of 2005, had 34,637 interments.



The initial land for Nashville National Cemetery was acquired in July 1866. A tract of 45 acres was transferred to the United States from Morton B. Howell, Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court of Davidson County, in accordance with a decree of the court in the case of Anderson v. McRoberts & McKee, docket # 2153. The deed was recorded in January 1867, Davidson County deed book 38, page 648. Another 17 acres was conveyed by the Clerk and Master, from the same case, in January 1867 and recorded in Davidson County deed book 38, page 650. In October 1879 a small tract was deeded from J. Watts Judson and recorded in Davidson County deed book 63, page 360.

The original interments were transferred from the Nashville City Cemetery, veteran hospital cemeteries around the region, as well as battlefield cemeteries, such as those from the Battle of Franklin. There are over four thousand unknowns buried in Nashville National Cemetery.

Nashville National Cemetery was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.

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