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Nachtjagdgruppe 10
Nachtjagdgruppe 10 emblem.svg
Active 1944–1945
Country  Nazi Germany
Branch Balkenkreuz.svg Luftwaffe
Type Night Fighter
Role Experimental Unit
Decorations World War II
Major Rudolf Schoenert
of 1L

Nachtjagdgruppe 10 (NJGr 10) was a German Luftwaffe night fighter-Gruppe (group) during World War II. NJG 10 was formed on 1 January 1944 at Werneuchen with 3 Staffel (squadrons). It was subordinated to the 1. Jagd-Division (1st fighter division), stationed at Döberitz. On 6 March 1945 NJGr 10 transferred to Liebenwalde and disbanded in April 1945. The remains of NJGr 10 were absorbed by Nachtjagdgeschwader 5 (5th night fighter wing). Its main task was to explore new and revised tactical deployment of night fighters, test the latest search and detection equipment in conjunction with the test site for radar equipment under combat conditions (Erprobung von Radarsysteme für die Nachtjagd), and place the anti-DeHavilland Mosquito effort under a more centralised command.[1]

1./NJGr 10

The radar tower of Weesow, a borrow of Werneuchen, built in 1943/44.

1. Staffel was formed from parts of I./Jagdgeschwader 300 (1st group of the 300th fighter wing) and headed by Hauptmann Friedrich-Karl Müller. 1./NJGr 10 was stationed in Werneuchen flying both Focke-Wulf Fw 190 equipped with FuG 217 Neptun (Neptune) radar and Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter aircraft and used Bonn-Hangelar as a forward airfield. On 28 August 1944 half of 1./NJGr 10 was redesignated 2./Nachtjagdgeschwader 11 (NJG 11—11th night fighter wing). The remaining half was then based at Bonn-Hangelar and Darmstadt-Biblis. On 27 October 1944 the remainder of 1./NJGr 10 was redesignated 3./NJG 11, and a new 1./NJGr 10 was formed at Bonn-Hangelar.[2]

2./NJGr 10

2. Staffel was stationed in both Werneuchen and Finow flying Messerschmitt Bf 110 and Junkers Ju 88 aircraft.

3./NJGr 10

3. Staffel was stationed in Finsterwalde flying the Heinkel He 219 and later the Ta 154. In November 1944 3./NJGr 10 relocated to Jüterbog.

Commanding officers


  • Major Rudolf Schoenert, 1 January 1944 – 6 March 1945
  • Major Lüdtke, 6 March 1945 – 30 April 1945


1./NJGr 10

3./NJGr 10

  • Hauptmann Heinz-Martin Hadeball, 15 October 1944 –



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