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Three NM-142s in Northern Norway

The Norwegian Model-142 is an anti-tank variant of the American M-113 armoured personnel carrier (APC), the difference being that it is equipped with a TOW2 turret, developed in Norway by Kværner Eureka.


The NM-142 mounts a turret containing a TOW2 guided anti-tank missile system with one launch tube on either side of the turret.

Additionally, mounted on the commander's hatch, there is an MG3 machine gun for use as secondary armament and in situations where the TOW2-system is unsuitable.


The crew consists of four people. The commander leads the crew, including designating targets, operating communication systems and navigating. The gunner is responsible operating and maintaining the TOW2 weapon system. The loader assists the gunner, especially by reloading the launch tubes whenever necessary. Finally, the driver maneuvers the APC and is responsible for maintaining the engine, treads and other driving mechanisms.

Usually, a platoon consists of four NM-142s, led by a lieutenant (who also is the commander on one of the NM-142s). In some cases, three platoons are put together to constitute an anti-tank squadron, but platoons are also incorporated "alone" in various mechanized formations.

The Norwegian Army had approximately 100 NM-142s, but today the number of vehicles is reduced to only 12. These received some modifications and then named NM-142F1. Other nations have made variants using the same turret on other vehicles (Canada and Saudi Arabia).

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