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Mustafa Celalettin Pasha, born as Konstanty Borzęcki (b. April 10, 1826 in Modrzewiec - d. 1876 in Novoselë, Kolonjë), was a participant uprisings Polish-Turkish general, strategist, and also a writer. He was the great grandfather of Nâzım Hikmet and Oktay Rıfat Horozcu.[1]

He participated in the Greater Poland Uprising 1848 years (Poznan uprising against the Prussians) and the Hungarian revolution in the years 1848-1849 (Polish Legion fought in Hungary during the war, the Austro-Hungarian). After the fall of the uprising, he emigrated to the Ottoman Empire, where he enlisted in the army. There he adopted a new name Mustafa Celalettin Pasha, was circumcised and converted to Islam in 1849. He married Saffet Khanum a daughter of Omer Pasha a native Serbian who convert to Islam and got an only son Hasan Enver Pasha.

In Turkey, he became famous on the battlefield in numerous wars in which he participated since 1852. He was captain of the Turkish General Staff and the chief of the department of cartographic and received the rank of Major General. It is considered one of the "fathers of the modern Turkish patriotism."

He was killed in the war with Montenegro. His body was placed in a mosque at Albania, where he was buried as a Turkish national hero.

He had also descendants through his other Grandson Mehmet Ali in Turkey and Germany.


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