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Mustafa Al-Sheikh
Head of the Free Syrian Army Higher Military Council

In office
March 2012[citation needed] – December 2012[1]
President Abdulbaset Sieda
as Chairman of the Syrian National Council
Commander Riad al-Asaad
Preceded by Office established
Personal details
Born Syria
Religion Sunni Islam
Military service
Allegiance Syria Syrian National Council
Service/branch Free Syrian Army
Years of service 2011-present
Rank General
Battles/wars Syrian civil war

Mustafa Al-Sheikh (Arabic language: مصطفى أحمد الشيخ‎) was the head of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) military council until December 2012[1] and a commander of the Sham Falcons, a battalion numbering about 2,000 men.[2][3] He was a general in the Syrian Army prior to his defection during the Syrian civil war.[4]

Al-Sheikh said he battled with his conscience before defecting, mindful of his 37 years' service and of possible retribution against his extended family. He said the final straw had been a sexual assault by soldiers who took turns attacking a young bride in a village near Hama.[5]

Al-Sheikh had declared: "We want very urgent intervention, outside of the security council due to the Russian veto. We want a coalition similar to what happened in Kosovo and the Ivory Coast."[5] On May 26, 2012, al-Sheikh said regime opponents had lost all faith in the UN Security Council, on which Damascus has Russia as a powerful backer.[3]

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