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Museo Storico Navale
The entrance to the Museo Storico Navale
Established 1919
Location Castello, Venice
Coordinates 45°25′58″N 12°21′00″E / 45.43275°N 12.34997°E / 45.43275; 12.34997
Type Naval history
Website Museo Storico Navale

The Museo Storico Navale is a naval history museum located in the Castello district of Venice, near the Venetian Arsenal. The museum was established by the Regia Marina (the Italian Royal Navy) in 1919.[1] Its collections include items relating to the naval and maritime history of Venice, and it has a large number of ship models and weapons on display.[2]

Currently (2013), the director of the museum is Marco Sansoni (from 2008).


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