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Murasame-class destroyer (1958)
Model of Murasame (DD 107)
Murasame (DD 107)
Class overview
Name: Murasame class destroyer
Operators:  Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Preceded by: Ayanami-class destroyer
Succeeded by: Akizuki-class destroyer
In service: 1958–1989
Completed: 3
Retired: 3
General characteristics
Type: Destroyer
Displacement: 1,800 long tons (1,829 t) standard
Length: 108.0m
Beam: 11.0m
Propulsion: 2 × Steam turbines (15,000ps)
2 × shafts
Speed: 30 knots
Complement: 220
Armament: • 3 × 5"/54 caliber Mk.16 guns
• 4 × 3"/50 caliber Mk.22 guns
• 2 × ASW torpedo racks
• 1 × Hedgehog anti-submarine mortar
• 2 × Y-gun depth charge throwers
• 1 × Depth charge rack

The Murasame class destroyer (1958) was a destroyer class built for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) in the late 1950s as a successor to the Ayanami class destroyers. Like its predecessor, its main task was anti-submarine warfare, but its improved weaponry also enabled it to perform better in the anti-air role, so this class was classified as "DDA" (anti-air destroyer or all purpose destroyer) unofficially.[1]

Like its predecessor Ayanami class, this class adopted a "long forecastle" design with inclined afterdeck called "Holland Slope", named after the scenic sloping street in Nagasaki City. The propulsion system was almost the same as the one of the Harukaze class.[2]

The sensor suite and weapon system was almost the same as the one of the latter batch of the Ayanami class, but three 5"/54 caliber Mark 16 guns (with Mark 39 single mounts) were added to extend effective range against air and surface threats in addition to four 3"/50 caliber Mark 22 guns (with Mark 33 dual mounts). 5 inch guns were controlled by one Mark 57 GFCS, and 3 inch guns were done by one Mark 63.[3] Main air-search radar was OPS-1, the Japanese version of the American AN/SPS-6.[4]


Hull No. Name Launched Struck
DD-107 Murasame July 31, 1958 March 23, 1988
DD-108 Yudachi July 31, 1958 1987
DD-109 Harusame June 18, 1959 May 1989


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