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Multinational Division Central
Formation sign
Active 1 Apr 1994 (operationally ready) - 25 Oct 2002 (disbandment parade)

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Flag of Germany.png Germany
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands

Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium
Branch Army
Type Airmobile division
Part of AARC.png ARRC
Last headquarters location JHQ Rheindahlen Flag of Germany.png
Last commander GenMaj Marc Jacqmin Flag of Belgium.svg

The Multinational Division Central MND (C), was a multi-national division in NATO for Central Europe and had its headquarters at the British base in JHQ Rheindahlen near Mönchengladbach. The concept for this first genuine multi-national division in NATO with its four participating nations - Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands originated during the Cold War. The airmobile MND (C) was to support Northern Army Group Central Europe (NORTHAG) as a reserve formation. The MND (C) achieved operational readiness on 1 April 1994. The divisional staff comprised 50 officers, 54 NCOs and soldiers. The headquarters company initially had 154 soldiers from Germany. Its first commander was Major General Pieter Huysman from the Netherlands.

On the full activation of the division each nation was to make available a parachute or airmobile brigade, combat support units and supply units.

Four brigades from the participating nations were under command:

MND-C, with a theoretical strength of 20,000 soldiers, was the most important of the multi-national rapid reaction forces stationed in Europe and had the capability of deploying on worldwide military intervention missions. The Division would be placed under command of its superior formation, Allied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), on request.

As part of the Forces Answerable to WEU (FAWEU) it was also possible for the MND(C) to be mobilised for military operations under the Western European Union (WEU).

Because NATO became increasingly focussed on other crisis reaction forces (the so-called High Readiness Forces (Land)), the headquarters of MND (C) was disbanded on 25 October 2002. Its last commander was Major General Marc Jacqmin.

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