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Mujib Bahini or the Bangladesh Liberation Force (BLF) was part of the Bangladesh Mukti Bahini, a guerrilla force fighting against Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.[1]

Mujib Bahini was a special force created by the Awami League and composed of 60,000 young supporters of the liberation movement.[2] It was organised with the active assistance of Major General Oban[3] of the Indian Army. Student League leaders Serajul Alam Khan and Sheikh Fazlul Haque Mani;[3] Tofael Ahmed;[4] and Abdur Razzaq, MP were the organizers of this special force. It is alleged that this force was formed during the concluding part of Liberation War according to the policy of Awami League and the ally, India, aimed against the leftist freedom fighters to bar them from taking the lead in the War.


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