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Mountain Corps Norway (German language: Gebirgskorps Norwegen) was a German army unit during World War II. It saw action in Norway and Finland.


The corps was formed in July 1940 and was later transferred to northern Norway as part of AOK Norwegen. Its first action was taking part in Operation Renntier, the occupation of Finnish Petsamo. In June 1941 the corps attacked from Petsamo to Murmansk in an operation codenamed Platinfuchs. The attack failed and the corps never reached its goal. In April and May 1942 the Corps faced one of its toughest challenges. During a period of 3 weeks the 14th Soviet Army attacked, trying to defeat the Corps. But there was another enemy - on May 4, 1942 a devastating, 90 hour long polar storm took its toll on the soldiers.[1]

In November 1942 the corps was renamed the XIX Gebirgskorps or XIX Mountain Corps.[2]

In 1944 the corps finally had to retreat back to Norway where it surrendered in May 1945. From November 1944 onwards the corps was also sometimes known as Armeeabteilung Narvik (Army Detachment Narvik).[2]

Organisation at Times

12 August 1942

26 December 1943

21 October 1944

1 January 1945


Commanders of the corps included:[2]


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