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Morava Offensive
Part of Serbian Campaign (World War I)
Date14 October 1915 - 9 November 1915
Locationfront from Leskovac to Negotin, Serbia
Result Bulgarian victory
 Kingdom of Bulgaria  Kingdom of Serbia
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Bulgaria Kliment Boyadzhiev Kingdom of SerbiaStepa Stepanovic
First Army: 195,620 men; 116,569 rifleman,108 machine guns, 422 cannons [1] Second Army - 5 infantry divisions: c.90,000 rifleman, 94 machine guns, 248 cannons [2]
Casualties and losses
1,906 killed,
10,637 wounded,
925 missing[3]
6,000 casualties

The Morava Offensive Operation (Bulgarian language: Моравска настъпателна операция ) was undertaken by the Bulgarian First Army between 14 October 1915 and 9 November 1915 as part of the strategic offensive operation of Army Group Mackensen against Serbia in 1915. Under the command of Lieutenant General Kliment Boyadzhiev the Bulgarians seized the fortified areas of Pirot, Niš and the valley of the river Morava. As a result the Serbian forces were compelled to retreat towards Kosovo.

In the beginning due to the harsh weather and the tough terrain the Bulgarian advance was slow but despite the desperate resistance of the defenders, there was a Bulgarian breakthrough near Pirot in 10 days and the Serbs retreated to the Timok and the Bulgarian 1st Army chased them.

The battle continued for 27 days and the Bulgarians penetrated up to 90 km deep into the enemy's territory. The Serbs lost 6,000 men; 60 guns and huge amount of military equipment.


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