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Montenegrin Navy
Montenegrin Navy coat of arms.png
Emblem of the Montenegrin Navy
Active 2006
Country Montenegro
Branch Military of Montenegro
Type Navy
Role Control, protect and defend territorial sea
Size 13 vessels
H/Q Naval base Bar
Engagements Operation ATALANTA
Captain Darko Vuković
Naval Ensign Flag of the Navy of Montenegro.svg
Naval Jack Naval Jack of Montenegro.svg

The Montenegrin Navy (Montenegrin: Mornarica Vojske Crne Gore) is a branch of the Military of Montenegro.

The Montenegrin Navy was established in 2006 following the secession of Montenegro from the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. Nearly all of the navy's equipment was inherited from the armed forces of the State Union - as Montenegro contained the entire coastline of the former union, it retained practically the entire naval force.

Units & Structure

Naval Base

  • Command Station
  • Patrol Boat Unit
  • Coastal Reconnaissance and Guidance Unit
  • Search and Rescue Unit
  • "Jadran" Training Center
  • Signal Platoon
  • Logistic Platoon


1) Deterring the armed threat to Montenegro:

- Preparations for the defense (training, exercising and maintaining a high level of combat readiness).

- Defence Cooperation

2) Defense of the territorial waters:

- Protection of the sovereignty of the waters and air space above it.

- Defending against unconventional threats against the armed forces.

3) Support to allied forces that are engaged in the defense of Montenegro.


  • Naval base Bar


Class Number Country Manufactured Notes Picture
Kotor class frigate 2  Yugoslavia - P-33 Kotor
- P-34 Novi Sad
Salvage tug 2  Yugoslavia - PR-41 (Orada)
- LR-77
Sailing ship
Motor sailboat 2  Yugoslavia - Bojana
- Milena
Jadran 1  Yugoslavia Used as a training ship Jadran saling ship.JPEG
Motor boat Polycat 1  Netherlands
Motor boat 1  Yugoslavia - ČM 33
Motor Yacht
Jadranka 1  Yugoslavia VIP Yacht Jadranka Presidential yacht in Military of Montenegro.png
Not operational
Končar class Fast Attack Craft 2  Yugoslavia - RTOP-405 Jordan Nikolov Orce
- RTOP-406 Ante Banina
RTOP-21 Sibenik.jpg


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