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Montenegrin Border General Forces
Karadağ Sınır Umum Kuvvetleri
Ottoman soldiers at Montenegrin border, 1912.jpg
Ottoman soldiers at Montenegrin Border
Active November 9, 1912[1]-
Country Ottoman Empire
Allegiance Western Army
Size Corps
Garrison/HQ Debre-i Bala (present day: Debar)
Patron Sultans of the Ottoman Empire
Ferik Mahmud Hayred Pasha

The Montenegrin Border General Forces or Montenegrin Border General Forces Corps of the Ottoman Empire (Turkish: Karadağ Sınır Umum Kuvvetleri) was an ad hoc corps under the command of the Ottoman Western Army during the First Balkan War. It was formed in the vicinity of Yakova (present day: Đakovica) and Pirzerin (present day: Prizren) with remnant units of İpek Detachment and Priştine Detachment and its headquarters was established in Derbe-i Bala (present day: Debar) on November 9, 1912.[1]

Order of Battle, November 9, 1912

On November 9, 1912, the corps was structured as follows:[1]

  • Montenegrin Border General Forces HQ (Debre-i Bala, under the command of the Western Army)
    • 21st Division (Djavit Pasha)
    • Provisional Infantry Division (Fethi Bey)


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