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Montenegrin–Ottoman War (1852–53)
Date23 November 1852 — 1 February 1853
LocationMontenegro and Herzegovina Eyalet (Ottoman Empire)
Result Montenegrin victory
 Principality of Montenegro  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Danilo Petrović
Mirko Petrović
Jakov Daković
Omar Pasha
Osman Pasha
Selim Bey of Bar
Mustafa Pasha
15,000 40,000
Casualties and losses
2,000 5,000

The Montenegrin–Ottoman War (1852–53) (Serbo-Croatian language: Crnogorsko-turski rat (1852—1853) broke out after Ottoman retaliation for Montenegrin secret aid to Herzegovinian rebels.


In 1852, Metropolitan Danilo II, returning from the Russian Empire, proclaimed himself Prince of Montenegro and the Hills, thus elevating the status of his polity from a theocracy into a principality. Montenegro remained an Ottoman vassal, until the Ottomans attacked Montenegro after the unraveling of Montenegrin secret aid to Herzegovinian rebels.


  • Omar Pasha and Osman Pasha of Scutari attacked Montenegro in November 1852.

Aftermath and legacy

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