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Modern equipment and uniform of the Turkish Army

Infantry weapons[]

Infantry weapons include the Browning M2,[1] a Heavy Machine Gun along with previous small arms.

Explosives, rockets and missile systems[]

Name Type Quantity Notes
RPG-7 Rocket-propelled grenade 5,000+ Captured from the PKK or purchased from former East German inventory.
HAR-66 Anti-tank rocket 40,000+ Turkish version of the M72 LAW produced under license by MKEK
MILAN Anti-tank guided missile 11,250 Although there have been rumors that Turkey is interested in buying more MILAN anti-tank guided missiles from France.
Cobra Anti-tank guided missile
ERYX Anti-tank guided missile 3,312 After Dispute between MBDA and Turkey, Turkey Sign a new agreement to buy 632 New Launchers [2]
BGM-71A/B and C TOW I/II/A/B Anti-tank guided missile 12,386
AGM-114 Hellfire Anti-tank guided missile 300
Kornet-E Anti-tank guided missile 800 80 launching posts purchased with an option of 72 more.
9M113M Konkurs (AT5 Spandrel) Anti-tank guided missile 70
FIM 92B/C Stinger Man-portable air-defense system 5,269 Built under license by Roketsan
FIM-43A Redeye Man-portable air-defense system 1,089 To be phased out.
9K38 Igla Man-portable air-defense system 40 To be replaced by FIM-92 Stingers.


Logistics, utility, and engineer vehicles[]

Name Type Quantity Notes
Otokar Defender Light Utility Vehicle 9,800+ Licensed production of the Land Rover Defender by Otokar
Jeep Wrangler[citation needed] Light Utility Vehicle 5,700
Otokar Engerek Special operations vehicle 550+ Special Operations variant of the Land Rover/Otokar Defender
Unimog 4000-5000 Light utility truck 5,500 Produced under license in Turkey (Mercedes-Benz Türk A.S., Aksaray Truck Factory)
BMC 185-09 B[3] 2.5 ton truck 706 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
BMC 235-16 P[3] 5 ton truck 282 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
BMC 380-26 P[3] 10 ton truck 403 6x6 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle
MAN 26.372 Heavy utility truck 6x6 cargo truck
Mercedes Axor Medium equipment truck Produced under license in Turkey (Mercedes-Benz Türk A.S., Aksaray Truck Factory)
Mercedes Actros Heavy equipment truck Produced under license in Turkey (Mercedes-Benz Türk A.S., Aksaray Truck Factory)
Scania 124 Heavy equipment truck Produced under license in Turkey (Dogus Otomotiv Servis ve Ticaret A.S., Çayırova District, Kocaeli Truck Factory)
AZMIM Amphibious armored earthmover First delivered in January 2013.[4]
Husky VMMD Mine detector 4 Replacing manual mine detection techniques[5]

Main Battle Tanks[]

Name Type Quantity Notes
Leopard 2A4 Main battle tank 354 Surplus German 2A4s. Purchased in 2005.[6] Aselsan has developed a radical upgrade for the Leopard2A4 tank system, known as Leopard Next Generation (NG). The Turkish army will receive the upgrade for 354 tanks. The NG upgrade contains the Next Generation fire control system similar to the Volkan FCS, electrical gun and turrets drives, laser warning systems and ballistic and mine protection modules.[7][8]
Leopard 1 Main battle tank 391[9] 171 Leopard 1T Upgraded by Aselsan with the Volkan (volcano) fire control system, bringing the tanks to the 3rd generation standard.[10]
M60T Main battle tank 170 upgraded M60 Patton to 3rd generation standard. Upgrades completed in Turkey with Israeli sabra package.
M60A3 TTS Main battle tank 658 To be phased out with introduction Altay tank
M60A1 RISE Passive Main battle tank 104 To be phased out with introduction Altay tank
M48A5T1 Main battle tank 619 M48A5 with passive night vision and MTU engine. Upgrades completed in Turkey. Probably phased out of active service. To be Completely phased out by introduction Altay tank
M48A5T2 Main battle tank 758 Further upgrade of the M48A5T1 with thermal sights, stabilized 105mm gun and laser rangefinder. To be phased out with introduction Altay tank
Altay (tank) Main battle tank 4 Prototypes[11] 4 prototypes undergoing acceptance tests by the Turkish Army. 1000+ are planned during serial production phase.

Armored fighting vehicles and Armored Personnel Carriers[]

Name Type Quantity Notes
ACV-AIFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle 650 ACV-300 equipped with either a turret mounted GIAT 25mm M811 cannon, or Oerlikon KBA-B02 on an external weapon station.
ACV-AAPC Armored personnel carrier 1,381 ACV-300 armed with one 12.7mm machine gun, and one 7.62 machine gun in a one man turret.
M113 Armored personnel carrier 3,162 Mostly upgraded to Turkish standards. M113A1/A2T1/A2T2 variants in service.
FNSS Pars Armored personnel carrier 1.000 on order [12] 6x6
8x8 wheeled APC.
Otokar Cobra Armored personnel carrier 1200+ [13] 4x4 wheeled APC.
Otokar Akrep Armored personnel carrier 370 4x4 wheeled APC.
BTR-60PB Armored personnel carrier 300
BTR-80 Armored personnel carrier 214
BMC Kirpi MRAP 293 468 originally ordered. 175 were late for delivery, production stopped
Dragoon AFV Armored personnel carrier 150
ACV-ATV Tank destroyer 48 ACV-300 equipped with TOW Under Armor (TUA) turret.
M113A1 TOW Tank destroyer 173 M113-based vehicle with pintle mount BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missile system


Rotary Transport/Attack[]

Name Type Quantity Notes
Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Utility helicopter 90[14] S-70A17/19: 56, S-70A28: 20 and S-70D28: 30 helicopters.
TAI/Sikorsky T-70 Utility helicopter/Attack (Convertible at short notice) 0 Built under license by TAI.[15] US Ambassador to Turkey has confirmed that Turkey will now license produce 600 T-70 instead of the 150 originally planned.[16]
Eurocopter AS-532UL Cougar Utility helicopter 48[14] Built under license by TAI
Agusta-Bell AB206B3 JetRanger Utility and training helicopter 25[14] Bell 206 JetRanger produced under license by Agusta. To be Phased out by Arıkopter
Agusta-Bell AB205A1 Utility helicopter 69[14] UH-1 Iroquois produced by Agusta in Italy, To be phased out by New Utility Helicopter
Bell UH-1H/2020-ASAM Utility helicopter 52[citation needed]
Agusta-Bell 204 Utility and training helicopter 15[14] To be phased out by New Utility Helicopter
Bell UH-1H Utility helicopter 85[14] To be phased out by New Utility Helicopter
Bell AH-1P Cobra Attack helicopter 23 Upgraded to AH-1F standard. To be phased out by T-129 ATAK
Bell AH-1W SuperCobra Attack helicopter 9 3 purchased in the 2012. Equipped with Hellfire II K2.
TAI/AgustaWestland T-129 Attack helicopter 6 (54 on order) 6 undergoing acceptance tests by the Turkish Army. Equipped with Roketsan Cirit and UMTAS weapons systems.
Bell OH-58B Observation helicopter 3[14]

Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles[]

Name Type Quantity Notes
Bayraktar Mini UAV Mini UAV 200+ [17]
Malazgirt Mini UAV Mini UAV 4 [18]

. Heron Israel

Artillery and missile systems[]

The Turkish army has various artillery and missile systems, including the Roketsan Cirit Air-to-Surface Laser-Guided anti-armor missile.[19]

Anti-aircraft Weapons[]

Anti-aircraft weapons include the Zıpkın, which has pedestal mounted Stinger missiles carried by a Land Rover Defender 130.[20] 20 mm Rheinmetal cannons, 20 mm Oerlikon Cannons (3 km range), 35 mm Oerlikon Cannons, Stinger missiles (8 km range max.) with improved hit capacity of ultraviolet and infrared sensors by Aselsan

Future procurements[]

Name Type Quantity Notes
Milli Piyade Tüfeği Assault rifle National Infantry Rifle Under development by MKEK and Kalekalip, 7.62mm Round NATO
UMTAS Anti-tank guided missile In use with T129 and AH-1W Super Cobra helicopters.
Bayraktar-Çaldiran Tactical UAV 12 to be delivered in 2014
Roketsan Cirit Air-to-Surface Laser Guided Rocket In use with T129 and AH-1W Super Cobra helicopters.
BMC Kirpi MRAP 468 4x4 Mine protected vehicle.[21]
FNSS Pars Tactical Wheeled Vehicle 1,075 MILAN(344), OMTAS(152), TOW(350) missile carriers, and fire support vehicles with automatic grenade launcher (229) to be produced.
NBC Protection Vehicle Project NBC protected vehicle 336 Nurol Ejder / Otokar Arma
Altay (tank) Main battle tank 4 First tank will be delivered in begin 2015. It is planned that a total of 1000 Altays will be produced.
Tulpar (IFV) Infantry fighting vehicle 2 The vehicle has been reportedly manufactured to augment Turkey's new generation Altay MBT in operations and to safely transport infantry to the front lines while providing fire support for other armored units.
Light Utility Helicopter Project Light Utility Helicopter TBD It is planned that the ITU Arıkopter will be acquired.
Turkish Indigenous Helicopter Mid-Size Utility Helicopter *** Under Development by TAI [22]
CH-47F Heavy-lift helicopter 6 5 to Land Forces Command, 1 to Special Forces Command,[23] expected to be produced by 2014 [24]
T-129 ATAK Attack helicopter 51+9(+40 Optional) Turkish version of Agusta A-129 with indigenous missile systems and upgrades. 6 helicopters in 2013 will be received.Total 60 helicopter ordered.51 T-129 production commence date is mid-2013 over 5 years till 2018.



NATO Code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student Officer
Turkey Turkey
Turkey-army-OF-10 Turkey-army-OF-9 Turkey-army-OF-8 Turkey-army-OF-7 Turkey-army-OF-6 Turkey-army-OF-5 Turkey-army-OF-4 Turkey-army-OF-3 Turkey-army-OF-2 Turkey-army-OF-1 Turkey-army-OF-1b No
Mareşal1 Orgeneral Korgeneral Tümgeneral Tuğgeneral Albay Yarbay Binbaşı Yüzbaşı Üsteğmen Teğmen Asteğmen Harbiyeli

NATO Code OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1
Turkey Turkey
Army-TUR-OR-09 Army-TUR-OR-08 Army-TUR-OR-07a Army-TUR-OR-07b Army-TUR-OR-06a Army-TUR-OR-06b TR-Army-OR5a Army-TUR-OR-05 TR-Army-OR4a Army-TUR-OR-04 No Insignia
Astsubay Kıdemli
Astsubay Kıdemli
Astsubay Kıdemli
Çavuş Uzman
Onbaşı Er

Non-Turkish speakers might like to know that OF3, OF2, & OR4 literally translates to "Head of 1000", "Head of 100" & "Head of 10" respectively,

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References and notes[]

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