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Misa Matsushima
Misa Matsushima seated in F-15 in 2018
Native name 松島美紗
Born 1991/1992 (age 29–30)
Service/branch Japan Air Self-Defense Force
Rank First Lieutenant
Unit 5th Air Wing

First Lieutenant Misa Matsushima (松島美紗 Matsushima Misa?) (born 1991/1992 (age 29–30)[1]) is the first female fighter pilot in Japan.[2][3] Matsushima graduated from the Japan National Defense Academy in March 2014 and obtained her pilot's license in October 2016.[4] Matsushima initially trained to be a transport and rescue pilot, but started training to be a fighter pilot after the Ministry of Defense opened the fighter pilot specialization to women candidates in 2015.[5] She received her fighter certification on August 23, 2018, and was assigned to 305th Tactical Fighter Squadron of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force's 5th Air Wing, headquartered at Nyutabaru Air Base, where she will fly the Mitsubishi F-15J.[6][7] Japan has had female military aviators since Kazue Kashiji in 1997; Matsushima is the first to pilot a fighter type aircraft.[1][8]


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