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Ministry of National Defense
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Jurisdiction  Republic of China
Headquarters Taipei City
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Parent agency Executive Yuan
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The Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of China (MND; Chinese: 中華民國國防部; pinyin: Zhōnghuá Mínguó Guófángbù) is a cabinet-level agency under the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China responsible for all defense affairs. The MND is currently headed by Yen Ming.

The position of Minister of National Defense was called Minister of War before 1946. It was established in 1912 at the creation of the Republic of China.

In August 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported that extensive PRC infiltration of the MND has caused the United States to reconsider the sale of advanced weapons to Taiwan.[6] In March 2013, the MND said that it would change tactics rather than increase its own budget to counter a growing threat from mainland China.[7] For more about the military buildup across the Taiwan Strait and the precipitation of challenges that ROC army has for Self-Defense needs (including the proposed arms purchase of General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon C/D and Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate equipped with Mk 13 missile launcher (for augmenting potential Aegis combat system) for the ROC army) against the People's Liberation Army in the long-term, see the report on.[8]

List of Ministers of War

ROC Ministry of National Defense Headquarter at the Bo'ai Building.


  • Duan Qirui (段祺瑞):1912-1915;1st time
  • Zhou Ziqi (周自齊):1913-1914;1st time
  • Wang Shizhen (王士珍):1914-1916;1st time
  • Duan Qirui (段祺瑞):1916-1917;2nd time
  • Zhang Shiyu (張士鈺):1917;1st time
  • Wang Shizhen (王士珍):1917;2nd time
  • Duan Qirui (段祺瑞):1917;3rd time
  • Wang Shizhen (王士珍):1917-1918;3rd time
  • Duan Zhigui (段芝貴):1918-1919;1st time
  • Jin Yunpeng (靳雲鵬):1919-1921;1st time
  • Cai Chengxun (蔡成勛):1921;1st time
  • Bao Guiqing (鮑貴卿):1921-1922;1st time
  • Wu Peifu (吳佩孚):1922;1st time
  • Zhang Shaozeng (張紹增):1922-1923;1st time
  • Wang Tan (王坦):1923;1st time
  • Jin Shaozeng (金紹曾):1923-1924;2nd time
  • Lu Jin (陸錦):1924;1st time
  • Li Shucheng (李書城):1924;1st time
  • Wu Guangxin (吳光新):1924-1925;1st time
  • Jia Deyao (賈德耀):1925-1926;1st time
  • Zhang Jinghui (張景惠):1926-1927;1st time
  • He Fenglin (何豐林):1927-1928;1st time



  • Liu Guanxiong (劉冠雄):1912-1916;1st time
  • Cheng Biguang (程璧光):1916-1917;1st time
  • Sa Zhenbing (薩鎮冰):1917;1st time
  • Liu Guanxiong (劉冠雄):1917-1919;2nd time
  • Sa Zhenbing (薩鎮冰):1919-1921;2nd time
  • Li Dingxin (李鼎新):1921-1924;2nd time
  • Du Xigui (杜鍚圭):1924;1st time
  • Lin Jianzhang (林建章):1924-1925;1st time
  • Du Xigui (杜鍚圭):1925-1927;2nd time



  • Huang Xing (黄興):1912;1st time
  • Xu Shaozhen(徐紹楨):1912;1st time
  • Li Yuanhong (黎元洪):1912-1915;1st time
  • Feng Guozhang (馮國璋):1915-1916;1st time
  • Duan Qirui (段祺瑞):1916;1st time
  • Wang Shizhen (王士珍):1916-1917;1st time
  • Yin Chang (蔭昌):1917-1919;1st time
  • Zhang Huaizhi (張懷芝):1919-1924;1st time
  • Li Liejun (李烈鈞):1924-1925;1st time
  • Yang Sen (楊森):1925-1926;1st time
  • Liu Ruxian (劉汝賢):1926;1st time
  • Liu Xiang (劉湘):1926-1927;1st time




List of Ministers of National Defence

Yen Ming, the incumbent Minister of National Defense

Kao Kuang-chi, the incumbent Chief of the General Staff

1. Minister of National Defense (歷代國防部長):

2. Chief of the General Staff (歷代參謀總長):


The MND building is accessible within walking distance North from Xiaonanmen Station of the Taipei Metro.

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