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The Ministry of National Defense of Ethiopia is a cabinet level office in charge of defense related matters of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It oversees the Ethiopian National Defense Force and Ethiopian Defense Industry.

This institution can trace its origins back to the Ministry of War, which Emperor Menelik II established in 1907, and made Fitawrari Habte Giyorgis Minister over it.[1] Emperor Haile Selassie re-established the Ministry of War in 1942, making Ras Abebe Aregai its Minister.[2]

The Ministry is headed by a civilian minister which is a requirement of Article 87 of the current constitution of Ethiopia. It was established 23 August 1995 with the passing of Proclamation 4/1995, which also established the other 14 Ministries.[3] The current Minister is Siraj Fergessa, the former Minister of Federal Affairs, who was appointed 30 October 2008 to replace Kuma Demeksa.[4]

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