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Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia
Ministarstvo obrane Republike Hrvatske
Ministarstvo obrane Republike Hrvatske Zagreb Sarajevska.jpg
The Ministry of Defence headquarters
Agency overview
Formed May 1990
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Annual budget 4.767 billion HRK (2010)[1]
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia (Croatian language: Ministarstvo obrane Republike Hrvatske

or MORH) is the ministry in the Government of Croatia which is in charge of the nation's military. The ministry was established in 1990.

Minister of Defence Naval Flag

The Ministry of Defence headquarters was for a long time located in Zagreb at the King Petar Krešimir IV Square, but has been moved in 2010.[2]


Minister Party Term start Term end
Petar Kriste Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 30 May 1990 24 August 1990
Martin Špegelj Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 24 August 1990 2 July 1991
Šime Đodan Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 2 July 1991 17 July 1991
Luka Bebić Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 31 July 1991 18 September 1991
Gojko Šušak Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 18 September 1991 3 May 1998
Andrija Hebrang Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 11 May 1998 12 October 1998
Pavao Miljavac Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 14 October 1998 27 January 2000
Jozo Radoš Croatian Social Liberal Party (HSLS) 28 January 2000 5 July 2002
Željka Antunović Social Democratic Party (SDP) 30 July 2002 23 December 2003
Berislav Rončević Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 23 December 2003 12 January 2008
Branko Vukelić Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 12 January 2008 29 December 2010
Davor Božinović Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) 29 December 2010 23 December 2011
Ante Kotromanović Social Democratic Party (SDP) 23 December 2011 Incumbent


Elements in the ministry's structure are:[3]

  • Defence Minister and Deputy Minister
  • Minister's Cabinet
  • Chief Secretariat
    • Sector for Administrative and Legal Affairs
  • Croatian Armed Forces General Staff
  • Defence Inspectorate
  • Military Security and Intelligence Agency
  • Independent Sector for Public Procurement
  • Independent Department for Public Affairs and Publishing
  • Independent Section for Internal Auditing
  • Independent Department for Military Air Traffic
  • Independent Department for supporting Military Ordinary in Croatia
  • Defence Policy Directorate and the assigned Assistant Minister
    • Defence Policy Sector
    • International Defence Cooperation and Security Sector
  • Human Resources Directorate and the assigned Assistant Minister
    • Human Resources Management Sector
    • Human Resources Management Support Sector
  • Material Resources Directorate and the assigned Assistant Minister
    • Armament Sector
    • Property, Environmental Protection and Construction Sector
  • Information Systems, Finance and Budget Directorate and the assigned Assistant Minister
    • Sector for Information Communication Systems
    • Program Analysis, Finance and Budget Sector

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