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The Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology is a junior Defence minister in the Ministry of Defence of Her Majesty's Government. The current incumbent of the post is Conservative MP, Philip Dunne, in the Conservative – Liberal Democrat Coalition Government.


This ministerial post derives from that of two posts; the procurement aspects of this post were the responsibility of the Minister of Defence Procurement (either a Minister of State or the more junior, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State), while still the defence logistic aspects were the brief of the Minister of State for the Armed Forces.

This post was created in 2007 to reflect the establishment of the Defence Equipment and Support organisation of the UK Ministry of Defence. Lord Drayson was appointed as its first incumbent.[1] Whilst Lord Drayson held the role as a Minister of State, all of his successors have been Parliamentary Under-Secretaries, the most junior ministerial rank in the British Government.

The post was retitled in 2010.


The Minister is responsible for:

  • Defence Science and Technology, including:-
    • DSTL, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory
    • Commercial policy throughout the Department
    • Defence exports
    • International aspects of defence equipment and support

Ministers for Defence Procurement, 1999–2007

Name Portrait Entered office Left office Political party
The Lady Symons Elizabeth Symons.jpg July 1999 8 June 2001 Labour
The Lord Bach Lord Bach 2.jpg 8 June 2001 6 May 2005 Labour
The Lord Drayson Paul Rudd Drayson 02.jpg 6 May 2005 6 March 2007 Labour

Ministers for Defence Equipment and Support, 2007–2010

Name Portrait Entered office Left office Political party
The Lord Drayson Paul Rudd Drayson 02.jpg 6 March 2007 7 November 2007 Labour
The Lady Taylor 7 November 2007 5 October 2008 Labour
Quentin Davies MP 5 October 2008 12 May 2010 Labour

Ministers for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology, 2010–

Name Portrait Entered office Left office Political party
Peter Luff Peter Luff, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Defence.jpg 9 June 2010 4 September 2012 Conservative
Philip Dunne Philip Dunne MP.jpg 4 September 2012 Conservative


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