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Kriegsabzeichen für Minensuch-, U-Boot-Jagd- und Sicherungsverbände
Minesweepers, Sub-Chasers and Escort-Vessel War Badge
Awarded by Nazi Germany
Type Badge
Eligibility Military personnel
Campaign World War II
Established 31 August 1940
Bundesarchiv Bild 101II-MW-2064-15A, Friedrich Oskar Ruge bei MS-Flottille.jpg
Friedrich Ruge inspecting sailors wearing the Minesweeper War Badge

The Minesweeper War Badge or Minesweepers, Sub-Chasers and Escort-Vessel War Badge (German language: Kriegsabzeichen für Minensuch-, U-Boot-Jagd- und Sicherungsverbände) is a German military decoration awarded to Kriegsmarine members for service on Minesweepers boats (worn on the lower part of the left breast pocket of the naval service tunic, underneath the 1st class Iron Cross if awarded, or equivalent grade award.)

Criteria for the award included recommendation from the ship's captain if the candidate had completed 3 operational sorties, or had been wounded during an operational sortie, had shown exemplary conduct in the execution of his duties over a 6-month period, completed a specially dangerous mission in a mined area, served on escort duty for 25 days or more, participated in a specific mission that had been successfully completed, or if the ship was sunk due to enemy action.


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