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Military branches: No regular military force; the Special Service Unit, and the Coast Guard, are both under the command of the Royal Saint Lucia Police.[1][2]

Manpower available for military service: Males age 16-49: 41,414 (2010 est.)[3]

Manpower fit for military service: Males age 16-49: 32,688; Females age 16-49: 36,289 (2010 est.)[3]

Manpower reaching militarily significant age annually: Male: 1,574; female: 1,502 (2010 est.)[3]

Active Manpower: Approximately 116 men and women[1]

Military expenditures - dollar figure: $5 million (fiscal year 91/92)

Military expenditures - percent of gross domestic product:

2% (fiscal year 91/92)

Military partner: The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force receives training from the USSOUTHCOM.[4][5] The United States Armed Forces considers St. Lucia as a partner nation in the Caribbean, along with Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.[6]

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