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A junta or military junta (/ˈhʊntə/ or /ˈʌntə/) is a government led by a committee of military leaders. The term derives from the Spanish word junta meaning committee or meeting, specifically a board of directors. Sometimes it becomes a military dictatorship, though the terms are not synonymous.[Clarification needed]

Well-known military juntas

Country Years Name / link
 Thailand 1932–1973
Mixed military-run governments
Aftermath of 6 October 1976
National Peace Keeping Council
Council for National Security
 Nigeria 1966–1979
Military juntas
 Greece 1967–1974 Regime of the Colonels
 Peru 1968–1980 Dictatorial military government
 Brazil 1930
Provisional military junta
Military junta
 Bolivia 1970–1971
Military juntas
 Chile 1973–1990 Government Junta
 Portugal 1974–1976 National Salvation Junta
 Ethiopia 1974–1987 Derg
 Argentina 1976–1983 National Reorganization Process
 El Salvador 1979–1982 Revolutionary Government Junta
 Liberia 1980–1986 People's Redemption Council
 Poland 1981–1983 Military Council of National Salvation
 Burma 1988–2011 State Peace and Development Council
 Haiti 1991–1994 Cédras Junta
 Mauritania 2008–2009 Abdel Aziz junta
 Egypt 2011–2012 Supreme Council of the Armed Forces

Unsuccessful military juntas

Countries currently with juntas

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