Military Wiki

Administrators on Military Wikia are simply users with a few extra tools to allow them to keep this Wikia running smoothly. Bureaucrats are Administrators with the additional ability to grant other users Administrator or Bureaucrat status.

If you have a problem with anything on the wiki, simply ask one of our administrators on their talk page, and they will try to help you out. It doesn't matter how silly the question is, it is better to ask than go without finding out the answer. Have a look at out Help first, to see if your question has been answered there. Also if you aren't sure what some code does, try and do it in the Sandbox - that way you can't break anything important.

If you wish to become an administrator, you must demonstrate that you can edit this wiki well, that you are active, that you understand the structure and policies of this wiki, and that you are good at helping members. Unless all of this has already been proven on this wiki, you should not request to become an administrator. Most of the time it will be existing staff who approach members to ask them to consider becoming an administrator, and positions are rarely given out to random members who just ask.

Current Administrators[]