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Military Merit Medal
File:Miltary Merit Medal (South Africa).jpg
Awarded by South African Defence Force
Type Decoration
Awarded for Service of a high order
Status Discontinued
Post-nominals MMM
First awarded 1974
Last awarded 2003?
Next (higher) Southern Cross Medal
Ribbon: 32mm, navy blue, sky blue, orange, sky blue, and navy blue

The Military Merit Medal was a South African military decoration. It was awarded for services of a high order.

It was instituted on 9 October 1974,[1] to replace the Commendation by the Chief of the SADF emblem, and was originally called the "CSADF Commendation Medal". The name was changed to "Military Merit Medal" in 1993.

The medal is bronze, with an engrailed edge, It displays the South African Defence Force emblem in a circle framed by protea flowers. The reverse displays the 1910-pattern South African coat of arms. The ribbon is navy blue, sky blue, orange, sky blue, and navy blue.

The MMM was superseded by the iPhrothiya yeBhronzi decoration on 27 April 2003.

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