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Military Academy Karlberg
Established 1792
Type Swedish military academy
Commander of the School Colonel Mats Danielsson
Admin. staff 120 faculty
Undergraduates 300
Location Stockholm, Uppland, Sweden
Campus Karlberg Palace
Website [1]

Karlberg Palace

Military Academy Karlberg (Swedish language: Militärhögskolan Karlberg ) is a Swedish military academy, since its inauguration in 1792 in operation in the Karlberg Palace in Solna, just north of central Stockholm. It is thus the oldest military academy in the world to remain in its original location.

Swedish cadets join the academy as part of their three year training as do officers aspiring to become navy lieutenants or army and air force captains.[1]

As of 2007, the academy employs approximately 150 people and train some 300 officers annually.[2] Notwithstanding Karlberg being a military institution, the palace and its park, classified as a historical monument of national interest, is accessible to the general public.[3]


King Gustav III's ambitions to establish an academy for cadets at Ulriksdal Palace were cancelled following his death in 1792 as his wife Queen Sophia Magdalena wished to have that palace as a private residence. The Kungliga Krigsacademien ("Royal War Academy") was subsequently relocated to Karlberg Palace, the former royal summer residence, where the first generation of cadets began their education in November the same year.[2]

Shortly after the death of the king, during the regency of Gustav IV Adolf, an enlargement was found necessary to accommodate the officers and construction work on the elongated pavilions of the palace commenced the following year to be accomplished to the design of Carl Christoffer Gjörwell three years later.[2]

Until 1867 both navy and army cadets were educated at Karlberg, after which the two military educations were separated for 132 years before being unified again in 1999, since 2003 accompanied by air force officers.[1]


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