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Mikołaj Kamieniecki
Personal details
Born 1460
Odrzykoń, Poland
Died 15 (aged -1446–-1445) April 1515 (aged 54–55)
Kraków, Poland

Mikołaj Kamieniecki (1460 – 15 April 1515) was a Polish nobleman (szlachcic) and the first Great Hetman of the Crown.

Mikołaj was the oldest son of castellan of Sanok Henryk Kamienicki and Katarzyna Pieniążkówna. He was owner of Odrzykonie, Węglówka, Kombornia, Wola Komborska, Jabłonica, Malinówka and the Kamieniecdisambiguation needed (ger.Erenberg) castle. A trusted co-worker of King Jan I Olbracht and Kazimierz Jagiellończyk.

He became castellan of Sandomierz, voivode of the Kraków Voivodship and was Great Hetman of the Crown from 1503 until 1515.

Mikołaj defeated Vlachs in the Battle of Czerniowce during the Moldavian campaign in 1509 and Turks in 1512 in the Battle of Łopuszno.

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