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Mikhail Aleksandrovich Dudin' (Дудин, Михаил Александрович ; Ivanovo Oblast 7 [20] November 1916 – 31 December 1993) was a Russian poet.[1][2]

His "Sow the Seed" ("Посейте семя") was used by Mieczyslaw Weinberg as the sixth and final text of the Requiem Op.96 (1967).[3]


  • "The Shower of Rain" 1940


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  2. New Russia – Issues 1–4 1994 "Mikhail Dudin, one of the oldest Russian poets, has died. He was born in 1916. His first collection of poems, "The Shower of Rain", was published in 1940, since which time many more books have come out ..."
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