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Michael Aspietes (Greek: Μιχαήλ Ἀσπιέτης, fl. 1167–76) was a distinguished Byzantine general serving under Emperor Manuel I Komnenos.

A member of the Aspietes family, of noble Armenian origin,[1] Michael Aspietes is most likely the Aspietes whom John Kinnamos records as having distinguished himself in the wars against the Hungarians in 1167.[2] He is next recorded by Niketas Choniates as being active in 1176, in the aftermath of the Byzantine defeat at the Battle of Myriokephalon, when he and John Komnenos Vatatzes campaigned against the Seljuk Turks raiding the Maeander River valley. Although the two Byzantine generals achieved some success, in one engagement, a Turk wounded Aspietes' horse and the panicked animal, rearing on its hind legs, threw the general into the Maeander, where he drowned.[3]


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