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Hassan Mezzomorto (Turkish language: Mezomorto Hüseyin Paşa; died 1701) or Hajji Husain Mezzomorto (Turkish language: Hacı Hüseyin Mezomorto) was an Ottoman corsair, bey, and finally Kapudan Pasha (grand admiral) of the Ottoman Navy. His epithet mezzomorto is the Italian for "half-dead", acquired during a fight when he was gravely injured.



Mezzo Morto Hüseyin Pasha

Possibly Turkish[1] or converted Christian from Mallorca,[2] Hassan was mentioned as a captain in 1674. He rose to prominence during the French attacks on Algiers in the early 1680s. He was present for Abraham Duquesne's 1682 bombardment and commanded a fleet of corsairs the next year. The bey of Algiers Baba Hassan offered him as a hostage to the French, but Hassan Mezzomorto killed Baba Hassan and named himself as his replacement. During the 1684 bombardment, he signed a "100 year" treaty with Abraham Duquesne and was possibly[2] confirmed in his post as beylerbey.

He took part in the Morean War between the Turks and Venetians at the head of the Algerian contingent, with some success c. 1688.

He commanded the fleet of the Danube in 1690 (seeing the action on 26 March) and 1691.

Distinguishing himself during the reconquest of Chios in early 1695, he was promoted to Kapudan Pasha, acquiring lordship over the Province of the Islands. He commanded at the Battle of Andros in 1696 and with the support of the sultan Mustafa II began a reform of the navy. His reforms were compiled into a book, the Kannunname, published shortly before his death in 1701.


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