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In 2012 the Mexican Navy began to operate a class of 42 metre patrol vessels, based on the Damen Stan 4207 patrol vessel design.[1][2] Over a dozen Navies, coast guards and other government agencies operate vessels based on this design. While some of those vessels are equipped for purely civilian patrols, the Mexican vessels are armed with a pair of Browning M2 machine guns, and a jet-boat pursuit craft that can be launched and retrieved via a stern launching ramp, while the vessel is underway.

Some reports assert the Mexican vessels are based on the same design as the United States Coast Guard's Sentinel class cutters.

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 The Sentinel cutters are based on the Damen Group's 47 metre patrol vessel.

As of the fall of 2013 five vessels had been ordered, and two, the ARM Tenochtitlan and ARM Teotihuacan, have been delivered and commissioned.[3]

length 42.8 metres (140 ft)
dispacement 250 tonnes
speed 25-30 knots
complement 16-18
armament 2 x BMG 50


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