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Messaoud El Medioni, known as "Saoud l'Oranais" (Oran c. 1905-Sobibor concentration camp after 23 March 1943) was a reputed Jewish-Algerian band leader and proprietor of the original Café Oran. He was the uncle of French-Algerian pianist Maurice El Mediouni.

Around 1938 the mother of a 13-year-old blind girl from Tiaret, Sultana Daoud, sent her to study with "Saoud l'Oranais" - this girl was later to become famous as Reinette L'Oranaise, the most promiment of all Jewish Algerian singers.[1][2]

Medioni was arrested by the Germans in Marseille in March 1943 and sent to Sobibor concentration camp where he was gassed.[3]


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