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Meritorious Team Commendation
Meritorious Team Commendation ribbon.svg
Awarded by United States Coast Guard
Type Ribbon
Eligibility Coast Guard units and teams
Awarded for "[D]isplay cohesion and teamwork noticeable to upper echelon commanders."
Status Currently awarded
First awarded 1993
Last awarded On going
Next (higher) Meritorious Unit Commendations
Equivalent Army - Superior Unit Award
Navy - None
Air Force - Outstanding Unit Award

The Meritorious Team Commendation is the second lowest unit award of the United States Coast Guard. Created in December 1993, the Meritorious Team Commendation is awarded to lower echelon Coast Guard commands who perform exceptional actions that would normally warrant a Commandant's Letter of Commendation. To qualify for the award, a unit must also display cohesion and teamwork noticeable to upper echelon commanders.

Additional awards of the Meritorious Team Commendation are denoted by award stars with the award authorized to all Team Coast Guard units. For those Coast Guard commands who are awarded the Meritorious Team Commendation under field operating conditions, the Operational Distinguishing Device is authorized.

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