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Mehmed Selim Pasha or Mehmed Selim Sırrı Pasha (1771 Bender, Moldova – 1831 Damascus, Ottoman Empire, nickname: "Benderli") was an Ottoman statesman. He was Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire. He ruled from 14 September 1824 to 24 October 1828 as Grand Vizier of sultan Mahmud II[1] and failed in the fight against the Greek War of Independence. The Auspicious Incident (Vaka-i Hayriye),[1] the Battle of Navarino (1827), happened during his period in office. In 1828-30 he became Wali (governor) of Rumelia Province and 1830-31 Wali of Damascus (Syria). When the citizens of Damascus and the local garrison of Jannisaries rose in revolt against him, Selim Pasha sought refuge into the Citadel of Damascus. After a siege lasting 40 days he was promised safe passage but murdered before he could leave the city.[2]


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Preceded by
Mehmed Said Galip Pasha
Grand Vizier
14 September 1824 - 24 October 1828
Succeeded by
Izzet Mehmed Pasha

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