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Medium Brigade
Active Postwar - present
Country Belgium Belgium
Branch Land Component
Headquarters Leopoldsburg

The Medium Brigade, formerly the 1st Mechanised Brigade, is a Brigade of the Land Component of the Belgian Armed Forces. Its headquarters is located in Leopoldsburg.

After World War II, the unit was known as the Brigade Bevrijding, 1er Groupement d'Infanterie and finally as the 1re Brigade d'Infanterie, later the 1re Brigade d'Infanterie Blindée.


The Medium Brigade consists of the following units:

  • Hoofdkwartier 1Brigade - 8/9 Linie - HQ Company
  • Regiment Carabiniers Prins Boudewijn - Grenadiers - Mechanised Infantry Battalion
  • Regiment Bevrijding - 5 Linie - Mechanised Infantry Battalion
  • 1/3 Bataillon de Lanciers - Mechanised Infantry Battalion
  • Bataillon de Chasseurs Ardennais - Mechanised Infantry Battalion

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