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In the United States Army, a medical brigade (MED BDE) is a unit providing command and control for assigned or attached medical units at Corps level. One MED BDE is typically assigned to one Army Corps and a typical Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment (HHD) for a MED BDE consists of about 65 personnel.[1]


A MED BDE tasks and organizes its medical assets on the battlefield. It plans Health Service Support (HSS) operations and oversees logistical operations for the group’s units. It serves as a radio control net for group units and performs medical regulation between group units. It also coordinates external support for group units.


  • HHD (Internal Admin/Supply/Maintenance Support)
    • S-1 (Group Personnel Actions)
    • S-2/3 (Operations, Planning, NBC, MRO, Security, Intell, Training, TOC Operations)
    • S-4 (Property Accountability, Group Supply Operations, Medical Resupply, Transportation Support, Maintenance Tracking, ALOC Operations)
    • S-6 (Group Communications)
    • CN (Nursing Education, Professional Services)
    • Chaplain Unit (Ministry Team Operations)
  • Combat Support Hospital (CSH)
  • Area Support Medical Battalion (ASMB)
  • Medical Logistics Battalion (Med Log Bn)
  • Evacuation Battalion (EVAC Bn)
  • Forward Surgical Teams (FSTs)
  • Combat Support Company (CSC) Detachment
  • Medical Company (Dental Services)
  • Medical Company (Veterinary Services)
  • Preventive Medicine Detachments

Active MED BDEs of the U.S. Army


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