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Medal for Services Rendered
Médaille pour Services Rendus BELGIQUE Avers.jpg
Medal for Services Rendered (obverse)
Awarded by Flag of Belgium.svg Kingdom of Belgium
Type Military service medal
Eligibility Belgian soldiers
Awarded for Service in particularly difficult circumstances over an extended time period
Status Active
Established 18 April 1988

The Medal for Services Rendered (French language: Médaille pour Services Rendus, Dutch language: Medaille voor Bewezen Diensten ) is a Belgian military service medal established on 18 April 1988 by ministerial decree. It is awarded to members of the regular personnel of the army, navy, air force and medical services of the Belgian Armed Forces for service rendered in particularly difficult circumstances over an extended time period.[1]

Award description

The Medal for Services Rendered is a 36mm in diameter circular bronze medal. Its obverse bears a relief vertical broadsword pointing up superimposed over the base of a laurel wreath. Inscribed in relief along the medal circumference, the Latin inscription "PATRIAM PROTEGO ET SERVIO" roughly translating into "I PROTECT AND SERVE MY COUNTRY". The reverse of the medal is smooth and plain.[1]

The medal hangs by a ring through a suspension loop from a 37mm wide yellow silk moiré ribbon with five longitudinal black stripes. The black stripes are positioned as follows, one in the center, one on each edge, the last two are 4mm from the edges. The width of the stripes varies according to ribbon type. The type 1 ribbon has 2mm edge stripes, 1mm inner stripes and a 3mm central stripe, the type 2 ribbon has five equal 1mm stripes.[1]

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