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Medal "Army General Margelov"
Medal Army General Margelov MoD RF.jpg
Medal "Army General Margelov" (obverse)
Awarded by  Russian Federation Ministry of Defence
Type Departmental Award
Eligibility Military and civilian personnel of the Armed Forces of Russia
Awarded for see Statue of Awarding
Established 6 May 2005
Next (higher) Medal "Army General Hrulev"
Next (lower) Medal "Major General Alexander Alexandrov"
General Margelov rib.png
Ribbon of the Medal "Army General Margelov"

The Medal "Army General Margelov" is a medal awarded by the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence, established by Order No. 182 of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation on 6 May 2005.[1][2]

Statute of Awarding

The Medal "Army General Margelov" is awarded to Russian military personnel serving in the Airborne Troops (VDV) for good service of 15 years or more upon the awarding of the Decoration "For Merit". It is also awarded to civilian personnel of the VDV for good service of more than 20 years. The medal can be awarded to veterans of the VDV who are in the reserve or retired, and those who have served for more than 25 years. The medal can also be awarded to military and civilian personnel of the Russian Armed Forces for contributions to the development of the VDV.[3]

The Russian Federation Order of Precedence dictates that the medal is worn immediately after the Medal "Army General Hrulev".

Award Description


Medal "Army General Margelov" (reverse)

The Medal "Army General Margelov" is a 32mm in circular medal made of gold metal. Its obverse bears a portrait of Vasily Margelov, with tanks and aircraft dropping paratroopers above the portrait. At the top, there is a relief inscription in two lines "Army General Margelov" (Russian: "Генерал армии МАРГЕЛОВ") . Under the inscription, there is a relief of three howitzers and three BMD infantry fighting vehicles.

The reverse of the medal bears the emblem of the Airborne Troops in the center, with the embossed inscription "Ministry of Defence" at the top of the medal. At the bottom, there is an inscription "Russian Federation".

The medal is suspended from a Russian pentagonal mount by a ring through the metal suspension loop. The mount is covered by an overlapping 24mm silk Moiré ribbon with an orange left side and a blue right side.

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