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Mechanized Infantry
Механізовані війська
Country Ukraine
Branch Ukrainian Ground Forces
Type Mechanized Infantry
Size 8 Brigades
Mechanized Infantry branch insignia Ukr mechanized.jpg

Mechanized Infantry (Ukrainian language: Механізовані війська, Mekhanizovani Viys’ka ) are the basis of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. They execute tasks of holding the occupied areas, lines and positions tasks of enemy’s impacts repelling, of penetrating enemy’s defense lines, of defeating the enemy forces, of capturing the important areas, lines and objects, operate in structure of marine and landing troops.[1]

Current Structure

Disbanded Formations

  • 15th Mechanized Brigade (Khmelnitskiy) (17th Guards Motor Rifle Division, 13th Army) - 2004
  • 16th Mechanized Brigade (45th Airmobile Brigade, 1st Airmobile Division) - Formed c. January 1993 - 2006
  • 22nd Mechanised Brigade (Ukraine) (Chernovtsy) (66th Mechanized Division/110th District Training Centre)- 2000-2003.
  • 25th Mechanized Brigade (Lubny) (25th Guards Motor Rifle Division, 1st Guards Army)
  • 27th Mechanized Brigade (Belgorod-Dnestrovsky) (former 180th Motor Rifle Division, 14th Guards Army, became part of 1st Airmobile Division (Ukraine))
  • 52nd Mechanized Brigade (Artemovsk) (254th Motor Rifle Division, Kiev MD, arrived from Southern Group of Forces. On February 20, 1992, Colonel Viktor Kovalev, Commander of the 254th Motor Rifle Division of the Kiev Military District was promoted to Major General.[3] On December 3, 1993 Colonel Vladimir Polivoda, Commander 254 Mechanized Division, 6th Army Corps, Odessa Military District was promoted to Major General[4]) - 2004
  • 62nd Mechanized Brigade (Berdichev) (119th District Training Centre, former 117th Tank Trng Division) - 2004. полковнику САВЧЕНКУ Сергію Павловичу - начальникові 119 окружного навчального центру підготовки молодших спеціалістів (танкових військ) 8 армійського корпусу Північного оперативного командування Сухопутних військ України; to major general (Decree 925/98). The 117th TTD was succeeded by the 62nd mechanized brigade, based on which, in turn, was created 26th Artillery Brigade (based on the Directive of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine from 18.06.2004 № 312/1/014 year). (Source Ruwiki 117 GRD)
  • 84th Mechanized Brigade (see ru:165-й учебный центр по подготовке иностранных военнослужащих)[5]
  • 97th Mechanized Brigade - 2004
  • 161st Mechanised Brigade (161st Motor Rifle Division)
  • others


  • (for 62nd Bde details)

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