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The Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) is the British Army's concept of a 8x8 wheeled vehicle.


The concept of MIV arose through the failed Future Rapid Effect System (FRES) programme, which was to deliver vehicles that would replace the British Army's reconnaissance and Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) (CVR(T)) fleet. The FRES Utility Vehicle (UV) was that specific programme to create armoured personnel carriers to replace vehicles such as the FV432 and CVR(T) variants such as the Spartan.

The winning design provisionally selected for the FRES Utility Vehicle contract was the Piranha V, manufactured by General Dynamics.[1] However, no production order was announced, and the programmes was later restructured and then failed to restart. FRES was cancelled and split into two vehicle programmes: SCOUT which would later be the Ajax (Scout SV) and the Utility Vehicle.[2]

Army 2020 plan[]

After the Strategic Defence and Security Review 2010, then Lieutenant General Nick Carter formed the Army 2020 concept to shape the British Army. That plan envisioned 3 "Armoured Infantry Brigades" each with a Heavy Protected Mobility battalion. This unit would have Mastiff vehicles and later, "Utility Vehicle[s]" or UV, the concept from FRES UV.[3]

Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV)[]

The UV programme later transformed into the MIV programme. In September 2015, Chief of the General Staff General Sir Nick Carter mentioned to reporters that the British Army wished to revive the UV through a MIV programme.[4] This was further confirmed in the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review fact sheets. The MIV vehicles, along with the Ajax (Scout SV) vehicles, will form two new Strike Brigades.[5]

Design and characteristics[]

Very little is known of the design of the MIV, except that it will be wheeled and in an 8×8 configuration. Several news articles have speculated that it might be based on the design of the French VBCI infantry fighting vehicle. In February 2014, France agreed to lend a few VBCIs to the British Army for testing. French military sources also reported that the British Army is interested in purchasing the vehicle.[6] General Dynamics Land Systems is also offering a model while ST Kinetics is offering its Terrex as a variant.[7][8] The Boxer and Patria AMV X are current favourites, as well.[9] The British Ministry of Defence says a competition will be soon launched for the MIV design.[10]

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