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Max Möller
At the Treblinka zoo (left to right):
Paul Bredow, Willi Mentz, Max Möller, Josef Hirtreiter
Nickname Amerikaner
Allegiance  Nazi Germany
Service/branch Flag Schutzstaffel.svg Schutzstaffel
Rank Unterscharführer, SS
Unit 3rd SS Division Logo.svg SS-Totenkopfverbände
Commands held Treblinka extermination camp

SS-Unterscharführer Max Möller was a member of the German SS in World War II and a Holocaust perpetrator who worked at Treblinka extermination camp during the Operation Reinhard phase of the Holocaust in Poland. He was nicknamed "Amerikaner" (or, the American) by the prisoners.[1][2]


Originally from Hamburg, Max Möller belonged to a police detachment before his service at Treblinka. He worked as ordinance in Camp 2 Auffanglager "undressing yard", dubbed "Amerikaner" because of his massive build. Survivor of prisoner uprising testified that Möller along with Feodor Fedorenko were helping August Miete at the Lazaret killing station where Jews where being shot point-blank upon arrival at the camp.[3] Möller became a notable figure ahead of the prisoner uprising, because he watched over the German armoury and had to be tricked before the weapons could be stolen from it. Prisoner Sadovits told Möller that he was needed in the potato-workers team due to labor problems there. They left the barracks together, allowing the insurgents to begin removing the weapons. After the closing of the camp, he was assigned to Trieste region in Italy by the SS. After the war he vanished into thin air, and no further details are known about him.[4]


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