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Matheo de Olier y Cabreriza
Ayudante mayor of the Fort of Buenos Aires

In office
c.1737 – c.1760
Personal details
Born 1691
Guadalajara, Spain
Died 1771 (aged 79–80)
Montevideo, Viceroyalty of Peru
Nationality Spanish
Occupation Militia
Profession Army officer
Religion Catholicism
Military service
Allegiance  Spain
Service/branch Spanish Army
Rank Lieutenant of Infantry
Unit Cantabria Regiment

Matheo Olier (c.1697–1771) was a Spanish army officer and politician. He served during the Viceroyalty of Peru as Ayudante mayor in The Presidio of Buenos Aires.[1] He also served in Spain, in the Cantabria Regiment.[2]


Matheo was born in Sigüenza to Sebastián de Olier y Sopuerta and Valenciana Cabreriza, belonging to a noble Spanish family. He was married to María Nicolasa García de la Huerta, daughter of Jacinto García de la Huerta and Petrona de los Reyes.[3]

Olier belonged to the Order of Bethlehemite Brothers.[4] In 1747, he had initiated procedures for admission in the Third Order of Saint Francis.[5] He and his wife were parents of Mariano Olier, priest in the Cathedral of Buenos Aires.[6]

In 1750 Matheo Olier, led the persecutions against the Portuguese ships, smugglers on the Parana de las Palmas.[7]


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