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Martin Blumenson (8 November 1918 – 15 April 2005) was an American military historian who served as a historical officer with the U.S. Third and Seventh Armies in World War II and later became a prolific author whose works included an authoritative biography of General George S. Patton.

Born in New York City, Blumenson studied at Bucknell University and Harvard University, earning master's degrees from both by 1942. During World War II, he became a U.S. Army officer and served as a historical officer with U.S. forces in northwestern Europe during 1944-45. Postwar, Blumenson remained in France for years, married a French woman and later divided his time between France and the United States.

During the Korean War, Blumenson again served with the U.S. Army and the unit he commanded (3rd Historical Detachment) was attached to the U.S. IX Corps. After the Korean War, he worked in the Office of the Chief of Military History, contributing two works to the official U.S. Army history of World War II, Breakout and Pursuit and Salerno to Cassino. Working for the OCMH until 1967, Blumenson then worked for the Johnson administration as an adviser on civil disorders. Blumenson also taught or lectured at numerous institutions, prominent among which were the U.S. Military and Naval Academies.

During his career as an author, Blumenson authored 17 works on the military history of World War II in North Africa and Europe. His works on Patton, The Patton Papers and Patton: The Man behind the Legend, 1885–1945 were particularly acclaimed. Blumenson's final work was published in 2001.

Blumenson died on April 15, 2005, in Washington, D.C.[1]

Selected works

  • Anzio: The gamble that failed
  • Bloody River: the real tragedy of the Rapido
  • Breakout and Pursuit
  • The Duel for France, 1944
  • Kasserine Pass
  • Masters of the art of command
  • Patton: The Man Behind the Legend, 1885–1945
  • The Patton Papers: 1940-1945
  • Salerno to Cassino
  • Sicily, whose victory?
  • The Vilde Affair: Beginnings of the French Resistance


  • B.A. and M.A., Bucknell University, 1939, 1940.
  • M.A., Harvard University, 1942.
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