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Marsz Gwardii Ludowej (English: March of People's Guard), or Pieśń Partyzantów (English: Partisans' Song), also known as My ze spalonych wsi (English: We're from the burned down villages) is a Polish partisan song, anthem of GL and AL. The song was written by Wanda Zieleńczyk,[1] a Polish communist poet and member of GL, in 1942.


My ze spalonych wsi,
My z głodujących miast.
Za głód,za krew, za lata łez
Już zemsty nadszedł czas!

Więc zarepetuj broń
I w serce wroga mierz!
Dudni już krok, milionów krok,
Brzmi partyzancki śpiew.

Więc naprzód, Gwardio, marsz!
Świat płonie wokół nas.
I zadrży wróg, i zginie wróg
Z ręki ludowych mas.

We're from the burned down villages,
We're from the starving towns.
For the hunger, for the blood,
For the years of tears
Now is the time of vengeance

So reload your gun
And aim it at the heart of the enemy!
The footsteps are rumbling,
The footsteps of millions
The partisan song is sung.

And so march forward, Guard!
The world around us is burning.
And the enemy shall tremble,
And the enemy shall die
By the hand of the working folk.

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