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Marine Corps Installations West
MCI West logo.jpg
MCI West Insignia
Country United States
Allegiance United States of America
Branch United States Marine Corps
Garrison/HQ Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton
MajGen A.L. Jackson

Marine Corps Installations West (MCI WEST) is the regional authority tasked with providing support and oversight of seven United States Marine Corps installations on the West Coast. The purpose behind MCI WEST is to ensure warfighters receive a level of support that exceeds expectations while at the same time realizing cost and resource savings for the Corps. As the parent command of the west coast installations, MCI WEST has the regional authority to allow the Marine Corps to more quickly take advantage of economies of scale, improve fixed asset utilization, improve support of ranges, and centralize strategic planning of regional priorities, as well as a realign redundant overhead.


Implement policies, develops regional strategies and plans, prioritizes resources and provides services, direction, and oversight through assigned U.S. Marine Corps Installations in order to support the Operating Forces, tenant commands and activities.

Subordinate commands


MCI WEST standardizes the quality of support and service Marines receive on the various bases and stations. As the parent command for these installations, MCI WEST takes the best practices from its subordinate commands and apply them to all the other commands. It also strives to better supports the Corps’ warfighting requirements by returning more Marines to the operational forces. The restructuring of base and station management enables MCI WEST to support deploying units more efficiently and with fewer Marines. By standardizing support practices, MCI WEST eliminates manpower redundancies throughout the bases and stations. Finally, MCI WEST better supports the Corps’ warfighting requirements by saving money. By managing bases and stations more efficiently through the basic warfighting precept of centralized command and decentralized execution, MCI WEST will have oversight of regional funds and resources and allocate them just where they are needed. As a regional command, MCI WEST seeks to eliminate resource redundancies throughout the bases and stations and ensures that funds are utilized effectively while continuing to provide thorough support to the operational units.

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