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Brigata Corazzata Mameli
CoA mil ITA arm bde Mameli.png
Coat of Arms of the Armored Brigade Mameli
Active 1 October 1975 - 1 April 1991
Country Italy
Branch Italian Army
Type Cavalry
Role Armored warfare
Part of

1975-1986 Ariete Armored Division

1986-1991 5th Army Corps
Garrison/HQ Tauriano

The Mameli Armored Brigade was an armored brigade of the Italian Army. Its core units were tank and Bersaglieri battalions. The brigades headquarter was in the city of Tauriano, a subdivision of the city of Spilimbergo. All the brigades units where based in Spilimbergo. The brigades name was chosen to honor the Italian patriot Goffredo Mameli writer of the lyrics of the Italian national anthem. The brigades sister brigades the Manin Armored Brigade and Garibaldi Mechanized Brigade were named in honor of Daniele Manin and in honor of Giuseppe Garibaldi, both heroes of the Italian unification.


The brigade was activated during a major reorganization of the Italian Army: in 1975 the regiment level was abolished and battalions came under direct command of newly formed brigades, which combined units from different arms. On 1 October 1975 the Mameli Armored Brigade was activated along with the Manin Armored Brigade and the Garibaldi Mechanized Brigade from the disbanded regiments of the Ariete Armored Division. The Ariete Armored Division was part of the 5th Army Corps based in North-Eastern Italy. The 5th Army Corps was tasked with defending the Italian-Yugoslavian border against possible attacks by either the Warsaw Pact, or Yugoslavia or both. The Ariete Armored Division was based in the middle of the potential front. The brigade's authorized strength was 3,381 men (214 Officers, 516 non-commissioned officers and 2,651 soldiers) and it consisted initially of the following units:

  • Mameli Command and Signal Battalion, in Tauriano
  • CoA mil ITA rgt carri 032.png 3rd Tank Battalion M.O. Galas, in Tauriano, (M60A1 Main battle tanks)
  • 5th Tank Battalion M.O. Chiamenti, in Tauriano, (M60A1 Main battle tanks)
  • CoA mil ITA rgt bersaglieri 12.png 23rd Bersaglieri Battalion Castel di Borgo, in Tauriano, (VCC-1 Armored personnel carriers)
  • 12th Self-propelled Field Artillery Group Capua, in Vacile, (M109 Self-propelled howitzers)
  • CoA mil ITA btg logistico mameli.png Mameli Logistic Battalion, in Vacile
  • Mameli Anti-tank Squadron, in Vacile
  • Mameli Engineer Company, in Vacile

On 31 October 1986 the Italian Army abolished the divisional level and brigades, that until then had been under one of the Armys four divisions, came forthwith under direct command of the Armys 3rd and 5th Army Corps. The Mameli, Garibaldi and Ariete (formerly the Manin) brigades came directly under the 5th Army Corps.

After the end of the Cold War the Italian Army began to draw down its forces and the Mameli was the first brigade to be disbanded. On 1 April 1991 the brigade was officially deactivated along with some of its subordinate units. The 3rd Tank and 5th Tank Battalion and 23rd Bersaglieri Battalion were transferred to the Ariete Armored Brigade.

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