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MV Scantic
Name: Dr Colijn (1936-40)
Empire Crocus (1940-47)
Stainton (1947-51)
Benwood (1951-55)
Monica (1955-57)
Mona (1957-63)
Scantic (1963-64)
Owner: M Oosterhuis (1936-40)
Ministry of War Transport (1940-47)
H P Marshall & Co Ltd (1947-51)
Mountwood Shipping Co Ltd (1951-55)
Rederi AB Henrik Selen (1955-57)
N O Olausson (1957-63)
J L Hansen (1963-64)
Operator: M Oosterhuis (1936-40)
T H Donking & Sons Ltd (1940-47)
H P Marshall & Co Ltd (1947-51)
Mountwood Shipping Co Ltd (1951-55)
Rederi AB Henrik Selen (1955-57)
N O Olausson (1957-63)
J L Hansen (1963-64)
Port of registry: Netherlands Delfzijl, Netherlands (1936-49)
United Kingdom London, United Kingdom (1940-47)
United Kingdom Middlesbrough (1947-51)
United Kingdom Liverpool (1951-55)
Finland Borgå, Finland (1955-57)
Sweden Sweden (1957-63)
Denmark Rønne, Denmark (1963-64)
Builder: Noord Nederland Scheepsmakkerij
Yard number: 152
Launched: 1936
Out of service: 1964
Identification: United Kingdom Official Number 167408 (1940-55)
Finnish Official Number 482 (1955-57)
Code Letters PDSD (1936-40)
ICS Papa.svgICS Delta.svgICS Sierra.svgICS Delta.svg
Code Letters MNDN
ICS Mike.svgICS November.svgICS Delta.svgICS November.svg (1940-55)
Code Letters OFVF (1955-57)
ICS Oscar.svgICS Foxtrot.svgICS Victor.svgICS Foxtrot.svg
Fate: Sank
General characteristics
Tonnage: 322 GRT (1936-40)
341 GRT (1940-55)
349 GRT (1955-57)
327 GRT (1957-63)
326 GRT (1963-64)
154 NRT (1936-40)
142 NRT (1940-55)
141 NRT (1955-57)
Length: 42.52 m (139 ft 6 in) overall
Beam: 6.99 m (22 ft 11 in)
Depth: 2.71 m (8 ft 11 in)
Propulsion: 6-cylinder MWM Diesel engine
Complement: 5 (Scantic)

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Scantic was a 326 GRT coaster that was built in 1936 by Noord Nederland Scheepsmakkerij, Groningen as Dr Colijn for a Dutch owner. In 1940, she was transferred to the Ministry of War Transport (MoWT) and renamed Empire Crocus. In 1947, she was sold into merchant service and renamed Stainton. A further sale in 1951 saw her renamed Benwood. In 1955 she was sold to Finland and renamed Monica. A further sale to Sweden in 1957 saw her renamed Mona. In 1963, she was sold to Denmark and renamed Scantic, serving until 7 December 1964 when she foundered in St Georges Channel, United Kingdom.


The ship was built in 1936 by Noord Nederland Scheepsmakkerij, Groningen, Netherlands,[1] As yard number 152.[2]

The ship was 42.52 metres (139 ft 6 in) long, with a beam of 6.99 metres (22 ft 11 in). She had a depth of 2.71 metres (8 ft 11 in).[3] As built, she was assessed at 332 GRT.[2] 154 NRT.[4]

The ship was propelled by a 222 nhp 4-stroke Single Cycle Single Action diesel engine, which had six cylinders of 10 1316 inches (27.5 cm) diameter by 13 34 inches (35 cm) stroke.[2][3][4] The engine drove a single screw propeller. It was built by MWM, Mannheim, Germany.[2]


Dr Colijn was built for M Oosterhuis, Delfzijl, Netherlands. The Code Letters PDSD were allocated.[4] In 1940, she was transferred to the MoWT and renamed Empire Crocus.[1] She was placed under the management of T H Donking & Sons Ltd.[5] The Official Number 167408 was allocated. Her port of registry was London and the Code Letters MNDN were allocated.[6] Empire Crocus was assessed at 341 GRT, 142 NRT.[5]

Empire Crocus was a member of Convoy OA 208, which departed from Methil, Fife on 2 September 1940 and dispersed at sea on 6 September.[7] In 1941, part of her cargo was advertised to be auctioned as prize.[8] Empire Crocus was a member of Convoy EBC 13, which departed Barry, Glamorgan on 16 June 1944 and arrived at the Seine Bay on 18 June.[9] She left the convoy at Falmouth, Cornwall. On 7 July, she repeated the voyage as a member of Convoy EBC 34.[10] Empire Crocus was a member of Convoy TS 63, which departed Takoradi, Gold Coast on 31 August 1944 and arrived at Freetown, Sierra Leone on 5 September.[11]

In 1947, Empire Crocus was sold to H P Marshall & Co Ltd, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire and renamed Stainton. In 1951, she was sold to Mountwood Shipping Co Ltd, Liverpool and renamed Benwood.[1] On 8 January 1952, Benwood was in distress off Great Orme Head, Caernarvonshire. The Holyhead lifeboat was launched but her assistance was not required. Benwood was escorted into Liverpool, Lancashire by a pilot boat.[12] In 1955, she was sold to Rederei AB Henrik Selen, Borgå,[3] Finland and renamed Monica.[1] The Official Number 482 and Code Letters OFVF were allocated. Monica was assessed as 349 GRT, 141 NRT.[3] In 1957, she was sold to N O Olausson, Sweden and renamed Mona.[1] She was assessed as 327 GRT.[2]

In 1963, Mona was sold to J L Hansen,[1] Rønne,[13] Denmark and was renamed Scantic.[1] She was assessed as 326 GRT.[2] On 7 December 1964, Scantic sprang a leak in St George's Channel, United Kingdom in heavy weather. She was on a voyage from Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom to Poole, Dorset with a cargo of lime. Water entered the engine department, and a mayday was sent at 16:30. The five crew took to the lifeboat at 17:30, but it capsized. They were all back in the lifeboat by 17:50, when Scantic capsized and sank at 51°10′N 7°15′W / 51.167°N 7.25°W / 51.167; -7.25. The crew were rescued the next day by Arthur Allbright.[13]


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